### Surfing, surf lessons, diving, sailing, kitesurf, paragliding in the Algarve

Surfing, surf lessons, diving, sailing, kitesurf, paragliding in the Algarve

Surfing is a very popular sport in the Algarve.
During your stay at Monte Rosa you can experience this fascinating sport.
We organise day trips with lessons on the west coast, which is famous for its great surfbeaches.
For a one day excursion the price is 45 euros, including wetsuit, surfboard, lessons, and transport. It is also possible to do a 3 or 5 day intensive for a special price.
For 1 day the price is 45 euros, for 3 days 120 euros and for 5 days 180 euros.

Many other sport activities can be organised by Monte Rosa and include: windsurf, paragliding, sailing, dolphin spotting, diving, canoeing, jeep safaris, fishing, snorkeling, scuba-diving or a helicoptertour.

Breakfast time is perfect to tell your wishes and Monte Rosa staff will explain you the many options, help you make a booking or explain you where to go.


This course provides a short introduction to sail cruising for novices. By the end of the course, participants will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, rope work and be aware of safety on board.
Holders of a Start Yachting certificate can obtain a Competent Crew certificate by completing a further three days or two weekends of the Competent Crew course.
There is no minimum age.

  • The yacht
    Basic knowledge of sea terms, parts of a boat her rigging and sails
  • Rope work
    Ability to tie the following knots:
    Figure of eight
    Round turn
    Two half hitches
    Securing a rope to a cleat
    Use of winches and jamming cleats
  • Underway
    Has experienced sailing a yacht on all points of sail
    Can steer a yacht under sail or power
  • Rules of the road
    Can keep an efficient lookout at sea
  • Meteorology
    Knows where to obtain a weather forecast
  • Man Overboard recovery
    Understands the action to be taken to recover a man overboard
  • Clothing and equipment
    Understands and complies with the rules for the wearing of

The price is 250 euros for a two day course, lunch included

Scuba diving:

the Algarve ocean is home to spectacular flora and fauna. To discover this world of wildlife you can give scuba diving a try.

Kids day:

It´s possible to leave the younger members of the family in capable hands for a whole day of watersport fun. They learn from new experiences. Kids from the age of 8 to 16 years can take part and lunch is included.

surfing on the westcoast of the Algarve Arianne on the surfboard zeilen vanaf Monte Rosa in de Algarve zeilen vanaf Monte Rosa in de Algarve

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