Teachers and counselors on Monte Rosa

Counselling with Els

Els van der Laan is a professional lifecoach and therapist who had a practice in Amsterdam for more than 15 years. With a sence of humor she encourages to overcome self made boundaries. Active thinking, feeling and observing are used to give way to potential possibilities. This gives space, openness, and freedom for new solutions or ideas with a renewed perspective.

Els, counselor op Monte Rosa

Walking coach/counselor Jolanda

Jolanda (1966) was born in Holland and started her own business in career and life coaching in 2002: I-Opener. Since 2009 she lives and works also in Portugal. Jolanda works with clients, often from Holland, who are following an individual walking and coachings route and often stay at Monte Rosa.


Coaching & Counseling Walks Nanette

Do you have difficult life or work choices to make; are you looking for a change; do you want to leave things behind? You can turn to Nanette Kant. Nanette is a professional coach/counsellor specialised in Counseling Walks. Nanette will take you out for one or more long walks during which you will, literally, take steps forward. Through her sharp listening and her keen questions, she will guide you through a process of awareness, helping you to see new perspectives, set new goals and to actually accomplish these goals. For more information look at: www.innersteps.com


Homoeopathy : Inge

If you have health problems or don't feel good, you can combine a stay at Monte Rosa with a homoeopathic consult with Inge de Haan. She is Dutch, but lives since 2001 in Barгo de S. Joгo, 2 km of Monte Rosa. You can mail us to make an appointment with Inge on forehand, or when you are here. As a classic homeopath Inge had a practice in Holland for 6 years.

Inge met Maxima

Massage with Lolita

Lolita has a degree in medicine in Russia, but her future is in Western Europe. She can give you a firm full body massage, especially to supple the muscles.


Bodywork with Carl Zimmerling

Carl Zimmerling from Germany, is practitioner of Zazen and Tai Ji Quan for a very long time. For a long time he worked as a professional photografer, now only parttime. He ended a training as "integrative bodyworker" in 2001 and is very devoted to this work. This is what he says about his work: "During a massage, it is very important that the one who gives the massage, is at the same wavelength as the one that receives the massage."
Than there will be a turning point, something that was closed will be opening itself.
The tension in the body, musculair or emotional, can disapear quickly or slowly. If we open up for this, the healing can start" Carl lives in the neigbourhood of Monte Rosa. You can walk to his house in 5 minutes.

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